February 6-8th, 2015
Brno, Czech Republic

Spanning 3 days, DevConf.cz brings together around 1000 developers, quality engineers, administrators, and users from the Fedora, JBoss, and Red Hat communities. With almost 100 talks and workshops spread over 6 different tracks, DevConf.cz is one of the largest events celebrating free software in the region.

Conference has free admission and is open to anyone without registration

Maps of venue and Red Hat office surroundings with transportation options


See Local Transport page for more information on how to get there.


We're proud to announce the schedule of talks and workshops at DevConf.cz 2015. It was a tough job to pick the best talks from nearly 300 submissions. The schedule is busier than ever. The total number of talks and workshops is 154. The range of topics is also very wide: Kernel, JBoss, Networking, OpenShift, OpenStack, Security, Storage, Software Quality, System Management, Virtualization, Desktop, Containers, Databases, Hardware, Documentation, 3D Printing. The schedule has expanded from 6 parallel tracks (3 talk tracks and 3 workshop tracks) to 8 parallel tracks (5 talk tracks and 3 workshop tracks).

Sunday is again devoted to Fedora and will feature many planning discussions and talks. We're also proud to welcome the CentOS community which will have their talks on Sunday, too. Attendees can look forward to talks by the leaders of both projects: Matthew Miller (Fedora), and Karanbir Singh (CentOS).

A Django Girls workshop is co-hosted with DevConf.cz and will take place at the venue one day before the conference - Feb 5th. You can still apply!

The keynote speakers for this year are Tim Burke, a vicepresident of Red Hat engineering, and Mark Little, a vicepresident of Red Hat engineering and CTO of JBoss Middleware.

DevConf.cz 2015 won't only be talks and workshops, you can also look forward to a conference party in Klub Fléda.

Looking forward to meeting you at DevConf.cz!

Winter of Code 2015 - OpenShift hacking competition - has officialy started. Check out http://openshift.devconf.cz/ - submit your cool openshift app, come to Developer Conference and win a Nexus tablet!

Good news everyone, the Call for Participation for Developer Conference 2015 is now open. Deadline for submitting your talk & workshop proposal is December 1st 2014!As always we're looking for technical topic, developer oriented, new technologies, new tools, cool things and great hacks! Submit your talk or workshop idea now!

We're happy to announce that DevConf.cz 2015 will take place on February 6-8th. After several years at Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, the conference is moving to Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology. The call for papers will be announced soon.

Videos from this year's DevConf are available at our YouTube channel.

Slides are linked from all videos and are also avaiable at devconf.cz/slides.